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Spanish Podcasts Maximize them

The more Spanish Podcasts you listen to, the more you understand them… or maybe, not.

Listening is one of the most difficult parts of the language learning trip. At least, in my experience.

Many times, we don’t reach the results that we want, despite we listen to a lot. Why? Well, because we don’t work the Spanish Podcasts in the correct way.


How are you listening to your Spanish Podcasts?

Firstly, we should difference between active listening and passive listening.

The main difference between them is that in active listening, the listener pays full attention while in passive listening not.

With active listening, the listener connects with the words and sentences and actively participates with the audio. Active listening requires effort. The engagement level is high and the listener is really interacting with the audio and has an interest.


How Should You Work Spanish Podcasts?

If you want to work active listening, then choose short audios or videos. Too many minutes could get into distractions and then you would not be working actively.

This site is working with that philosophy. Podcast from Spain is an audio library where you can find short audios, divided by level, in order to improve your listening skills. You can find a bunch of audios for free and if you want to find more, you can consider getting a premium member. It is pretty cheaper.

The first thing that you should do is, to read the questions.

Spanish podcasts to get results


If you read the questions first will be easier to know the topic. You can think about what kinds of words you will listen to.

Spanish podcasts

After that, listen to the audio and try to answer the questions.

Spanish podcasts

Then, listen to again if you needed. This time try to focus on that part that you couldn’t understand well and edit your answers if you think that is necessary.

Finally, listen to the third time but this time reading the transcription at the same time. Pay attention to the pronunciation!

Spanish podcasts


Extra work to accelerate the results

After listening to the Spanish Podcasts, take notes about vocabulary and study it.

Write just the vocabulary which is interesting for you. Always, it is easier to study things which are interesting to you.

We always suggest some vocabulary with the activity in our «vocabulary key section» but every student is different and has a different vocabulary. So, check the transcription in order to find your great vocabulary!

Remind that we have grammar points in many of our activities, despite we aren’t grammar fans we know that it is necessary to read if you want to reach an accurate Spanish.

Finally, improve your pronunciation and rhythm.

I love this part, and I think it is very effective.

Choose one or two sentences and try to imitate the pronunciation and rhythm. Every language has its own music! Try to feel it and pay attention to the linking sounds to speak more fluently.

Also, if you sound good will be great when you speak with a native. They will think your Spanish is even better.


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