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Spanish podcasts?

If you are looking for some Spanish podcasts this is your site! 

Practice with our audios and rocket your Spanish in just 30 days.

What will you find in Podcast from Spain?

Shorts audios – between 1 min to 5 min, it depends on your listening skill – videos and music divided by levels with transcripts, comprehension tests and most importantly, explanations about key sentences and grammar. 

The perfect tool for students or Spanish teachers! 

With our exercises, you will improve your active listening faster.

Hey! We’re Isabel and Moisés and we’re eager to help you.

Practice with our Spanish podcasts and improve your listening faster than other sites.

Why? Because we will work on your active listening.

This is not the usual Spanish podcast site

I’m sorry. We don’t record 30 or 40-minutes audios because – with long audios – you will disconnect.

We want you 15 minutes per day. That’s all!

15 minutes per day to listen to conversations – or small conversations clips – between Isabel, Moisés and other voices where you won’t disconnect your mind and you will work effectively.

As professional online teachers, we have divided by levels our conversations working the vocabulary and grammar point that you need in every single audio!

Learn more about our Spanish listening method.