My first Spanish conversation guide

Do you want to learn Spanish but you don’t know where to start? Learn how you can start your first conversation with these Spanish podcasts for beginners. Try it!

For me, the most important topic in a first conversation is to «introduce myself». How can you introduce yourself in Spanish? Well, listen to our podcasts  «Cómo presentarse» and «Encantado de conocerte»

Another normal question while you are talking about yourself is Why are you studying Spanish? Well, learn some keys about how you should be talking about it with our role play audio ¿Por qué estudias español? 

In this point of your first conversation, sometimes you will need to talk about intentions. For instance, to say something like «because I want to travel to Spain next summer» Learn how you can talk about intentions without future forms with «¿Qué quieres hacer el fin de semana?»

Also, in this first conversation you could talk about hobbies. Learn how you can talk about them with this audio «¿Cuáles son mis aficiones?» — Note: yes, aficiones means hobbies.

You might need to talk about your daily routines as well, or frequencies of doing things. Learn how you can do this with the podcasts «Las rutinas diarias»  and «¿con qué frecuencia…?»

In addition, you might need to talk about your city or your country. Learn how you can describe them with ¿cómo es tu ciudad? and ¿cómo es mi país?

As you can see, with these Spanish podcasts for beginners you will be able to talk about yourself in your first interaction with someone.

We recommend that you study our key notes – for instance you can make some flashcards with anki (or similar software to memorize) and study them.

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