Guía de colocaciones en español

How are you studying vocabulary in Spanish? Are you studying single words? Stop doing that! When I talk in Spanish I don’t think single words, I have blocks in my mind that I use to say a complete meaning. These kinds of blocks are called «colocaciones».

Colocaciones are expressions or structures that work together.  Native people have these prefabricated pieces (e.g. building blocks)  in their mind and use them in their speech.

You can find some of the most important “colocaciones de español” divided by levels in this guide. They are perfect to use in your flashcards or with whatever technique that you are using to learn Spanish vocabulary.

We are going to update this guide little by little. As it is an open guide you can collaborate with us, especially Spanish teachers out there, by leaving comments below the guide and suggesting new ones.



tener sentido  – to make mistakes
tener suerte  – to be lucky 
tener hambre  – to be hungry
tener éxito – to be success
tener miedo  – to be scared /afraid
tener en cuenta – to keep in mind, have in mind 
tener una cita  – to have a date
tener planes  – to have plans
tener una enfermedad – to get a disease
tener calor / frío / sed / hambre /  – to be hot, cold, thirsty
tener dolor
– to have pain
tener barba / bigote  – to have a moustache / beard.
tener una tienda / un negocio – to have a business, shop, store
tener vacaciones – to go on holiday / vacations
tener un día libre  – to have a day off
tener un puente
– to be on bank holiday
tener 20 años  – I’m 20 years old
tener un examen  – to have a test
tener una entrevista (de trabajo) / una reunión –  to have an interview
Cometer  errores  – to make mistakes 
Prestar  atención – to pay attention 
dar un consejo  – to give an advice
hacer  un examen – to take a test
hacer los deberes / un ejercicio / una actividad – to do homework
hacer deporte / ejercicio / gimnasia  – to do exercise
hacer una fiesta (de cumpleaños / de fin de curso)  – to give/host/throw a party
hacer un curso – to do/attend/follow a course
hacer una redacción – to make a composition
hacer senderismo  – to go hiking
hacer hacer la compra  – to do your shopping (buy groceries)
hacer  fotos / una foto – to take a photo, picture
hacer hacer una reserva – to make a reservation


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